What Makes You A Mom? See Below for What Makes Us a Mom.

After not being able to easily find a source for down to earth mothering, we decided to make one. Who has dishes in the sink when they go to bed? Who struggles with putting laundry away? Who fails daily with potty training? You? We do! Despite that, we are Mamas! We are Mamas who face the struggles daily and wake up to the exact same struggles tomorrow. Welcome to our beautiful mess! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

The O’Brien’s

Before I became a mom my world was very black and white. There were rules to be followed. There was a specific way things should be done and there was no gray area in any of it. This was how I thought parenting was going to be as well. I had a baby. At the age of forty. I learned very quickly that there was a whole lot of gray and a lot less black and white when it comes to raising kids. What may work for one family doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good for my family and vice versa.

I’ve learned a whole lot about grace in the last four years. All my notions of hardcore discipline and toeing the line went out the window. For instance, that “no pacifier” policy went out the window on day one. There are so many hard and fast rules I had that went with it. What is even better, I now have a better understanding of God’s love for me. Every time I have an interaction with my son I see God’s grace, His mercy, His understanding and His unending love.

I love being a mom. I do get tired. I do get annoyed. I do get frustrated. I have been challenged. But I also laugh endlessly. I have been tickled, hugged, kissed and told “I love you” by the sweetest face. I have been body slammed and then called his queen. I’ve been punched in the face and then told how beautiful I am. I have learned so much more from my son, than I think I could ever teach him. He is sugar and spice and honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am enjoying this life and cannot wait to see what comes next for my family and I.

The Horvath’s

I sing the Sesame Street song while I straighten my hair. I know more about random wild animals than I ever thought I would. I have passed on my extensive knowledge of cootie catchers, bubble letters and pat-a-cake. I have caught puke with my hand, held them while they bled, and been in the middle of an aisle in the grocery store while they screamed. I have seen meltdowns, smiles and ALL the laughs. I have both been there for and missed some of their firsts and some of their lasts. Despite the fact that some of the days are long, the years are flying by. What will my life become as these kiddos grow up? I have always heard people say that they adore being a mother, and I can relate. But there are things that I have enjoyed well beyond being their mother: I have enjoyed being Belle’s hair stylist as we got her ready for her first dance, I have enjoyed being John’s DJ as we danced around the living room in our pajamas, I have enjoyed being Malcolm’s monster as I chase him through the house and he giggles, and last but not least, I have enjoyed being Raela’s tickle monster so I can get those dimples to come out. Being a mom is hard. I have made my kiddos cry, but for all of those times I have also made them smile. I have made my kiddos sick, but for all of those times I have cuddled them with fevers. I have made my kiddos mad because I won’t give them any candy, but for all of those times I have slipped them a snack and told them it’s our special secret. I have annoyed them with my kisses, but for all those times I have been greeted with happy hugs as I walk through the door. Being a mom is hard. I’ve had the privilege of influencing these four amazing humans, and as bittersweet it is to watch them grow, I can’t wait to see John in his first concert, Malcolm score is first points, Raela twirl her first time and Belle walk down an aisle. They’ve made my life complete in a way I never knew I needed. They’ve made Mike and I better people and they have continuously made every day an adventure. Life is perfect, despite the crazy. Despite the yelling, despite the tantrums, despite the tears, fevers and excessive levels of cartoons that I never wanted to watch, life is perfect. I would never want it any other way.